The Team:

Stefanie Zecha



Tandem Flights Co-ordinator, Export of Guatemalan Handicrafts, House Remodeling & Maintenance 


Stefanie  has  been  joining  us  to  almost every flight  since the begining. Right now she has been busy taking good care of our baby   son  Liam  and  therefore   stopped  the  flying.  She  knows  best  about  local flying-conditions and is the best person to organize our team and the  daily  tandem-flights. 


Christian Behrenz


Flying since December 2002



Tandem Pilot, Artist, Export of Guatemalan Handicrafts


Coming back from Germany to Guatemala  he moved to live in Panajachel in 2006. He is always looking forward  to  spend  good airtime practicing  acro  maneuvers  on  a solo  flight  or   sharing   the  glide  on  his tandem. Sometimes when it gets  busy he becomes the outta-time-man,  goes  crazy and all he wants is to  go  fly  or  go  home 

and  live in harmony with his son and wife.  




Marcell Schrittwieser


Flying since: May 2003



Top-level Acro Pilot, Show Pilot, Tandem Pilot, Technical Designer, Sociology Student


Everything Masi does, he gives it 100% to make sure it´s done right. Whether it´s with his music, family or paragliding, he always balances  things  with  a  good time and a  serious commitment  to make  it  happen. And if you ask him why, he´d simply say, that´s how things  should  be done. His hometown  is  Innsbruck,  Austria,  but you might  find  him  at  Atitlan  and  be  honored  to fly with him!  




Mani Dji


Flying since: 2002



Tandem Pilot, Machine Engineer 


Mani is a real pro when it comes to tandem flying. He knows exactly how  he  wants  to take  off   with   his   passenger   and  how smooth and stylish we wants to land. It is a real  art.  Besides  he is an  excellent  acro pilot  and  has got a vast experience in XC-flying.  He  commited  fully  to  paragliding ever since he first touched his first wing.

Mike Blubb 


Flying since: 2001



Tandem Pilot 


Same as Mani, Mike is an excellent tandem pilot. His hometown  is  in  Austria,  but  he spends  a  lot  of  his  time  in  India  flying above   the   Himalayas.   He  is   also   an experienced  acro-   and   XC- pilot.  From February till  May  you  can  also  see  him paragliding at Atitlan ready to take you for a flight! 



Lino Oehl


Flying since: 1999



Top-level Acro Pilot, Show Pilot, Tandem Pilot 


Flying since 1999, he´s got the most years of experience in paragliding among us.  He is  originally   from  Germany,  but  spends most of the time flying  and  practicing  the latest acrobatic maneuvers all over Austria, France,  Italy  and  Spain.  He  also  spends good times paragliding at Atitlan, practicing acro on his solo-wing, but always  ready  to

take you for a tandem flight at any time.

Jorge Atramiz


Flying since: 1999



Photography, Tandem Pilot 


Many of his friends know him better  as "El Pichon".   In  2003   a   paragliding   movie named  "The  Never Ending  Thermal"  was released and it became  one  of  the (if not 'the') most  influential  films in paragliding history. Jorge was one of the  main  prota-gonists! But  that  is  now  over  ten  years ago. Ever  since  Jorge  has  been  making

new changes and ideas  in  many  different

ways. He  lives  and  creates in Hawaii, but

hopefully he will return over and over again

to fly here with us at Lake Atitlan.


Petar Loncar


Flying since: 2006



Top-level Acro Pilot, Show Pilot, Tandem Pilot  


Constantly  pushing and perfectioning  the limits of acrobatic paragliding Petar is also an inspiration for all of  us  to  never  stop  doing  progress  and sharpening our flying skills.  That  is talking of solo flying. When he  flies  with  his  tandem wing, he  turns into  a  quiet   pilot,   never   showing  off. From February till May you may  also  see him  paragliding  at  Lake  Atitlan ready to

take you for a flight.


Andres Villamizar (Pepe) 


Flying since: 2006 



Top-level Acro Pilot, Tandem Pilot  


We  met  up  for  the  first  time practicing  acrobatics   and  freestyle   maneuvers  in Austria  in  2012.  Two  big things we  had  in common, paragliding and that  we  both spoke to  each  other  in  Spanish.  One  of  the  most talented tandem pilots,  Pepe is  simply   perfect   in  the  air.  His   smooth take-offs and landings are  always a joyful  pleasure  to  watch.  He  spends  most  of the time flying in  his homeland Colombia,  but  along  the  year   you  also  find  him  training  hard in Austria and Nepal or here with us flying together at Lake Atitlan.