About us

The begining

It all began with  the  purchase  of  a professional Italian coffee- espresso-machine. At  Panajachel  there  was not a real good place to have a good brewed coffee ( besides  coffee  king Mike  at  Crossroads Café ;),  so we thought this could be fun  to proudly sell good coffee at  the  main  street “Calle  Santander”,  be  available  for  tandem flights and we would also be able to display our art  at  our  brand new shop.


There was no other name we could think of but REALWORLD Café, in honor of one of the best musicians and artists ever, the  great  master Peter Gabriel,  who  also  is  founder  of  the label  REALWORLD RECORDS, England. Real music, best coffee, paragliding  and  art,  this would  be  the  perfect  and coziest nest we could think of!


As time passed by, the coffee was doing well, but the flying was doing better, and the day came when we had to decide if to keep on growing as a nice coffee shop or to become more outdoors  and  spend more time flying at the mountains. It did not make too much sense to run a mediocre coffee shop and, there was not enough cash to pay for more personal. The choice was obvious, we wanted to fly and so, Realworld Café suffered a metamorphosis turning into Realworld Paragliding.


We have been tandem flying since 2006.   We are  representatives  of  Independence  Gliders,  Ozone Paragliders and Nova,  and only  fly  with  the  best  gear and safety reserves available. For us flying is enjoying life in its  purest  sobriety,  playing  with  the  elements  and  becoming  one  with Nature. No pollution, no noise, no cabin, just you in closeness to freedom.  We love what we do  and  we  respect what we love.


The first days in 2006...